HEXALED is the solution to replace old and inefficient Hi-Bay metal halide High wattage fixtures as well as the bulky rectangular fluorescent PL type fixtures. No more frequent elevated height bulbs or long fluorescent tubes replacement with this powerful and long-lasting COB LED light fixtures rated for 50 000 hours.
We have a new option 347V for commercial application which is highly required in Canada and the same performance as before 20W, 28W, 36W and 50W and available in dimming 0-10V.
No need to worry about the size of existing hole in the ceiling with the INNOVATIVE and CONVENIENT HEXALED remodel housing and its adjustable claw system that allow fitting existing ceiling holes from 7-1/4” up to 91/4” with the 10” version. HEXALED is the time and cost-effective way to upgrade your commercial and industrial high ceiling illumination up to 50 feet height installation with a 5000lm.


Experience the luminous, European inspiration. Odyssey is the collection designed to push the limits of the creativity of specifiers, designers and architects.

Product Discontinuation

Contraste has discontinued the PROFILUX product line effective immediately,
Due to circumstances beyond our control which include supply logistic deficiencies and conformity issues we have decided to stop selling this product

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Contraste is a leading North American lighting products manufacturer. With more than 25 years in the industry, Contraste has developed the knowledge and the agility to develop a comprehensive range of stylish recessed, pendant and wall mount luminaires.

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