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Fully Customizable Lighting Units

For Perfect Style

Perfect Lighting

And Limitless Ideas

Who we are

Essilight by Contraste: A partnership to light up your projects Essilight, from France, and Contraste, from Canada, join forces to bring high-specification lighting products to the North-American market. Both companies share a desire to provide lighting solutions that blends design, quality, performance, and reliability. Essilight by Contraste products are all made-to-measure specification-grade luminaires that meet the utmost demands of specifiers, designers, and architects. Design would not be important without top of the line performance. Each luminaire is conceived to meet and exceed performance benchmarks currently offered in the market. Each luminaire is custom made of extruded aluminum and high quality acrylic diffusers. Available in traditional shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, and also available in custom shapes to match your needs.

You think it.

You sketch it.

You choose your colors.

We review your design with you and make it.

Unlimited choices of shapes

Essilight by Contraste offers three standard shapes - round, square, and triangle - that can be customized. You can customize the color (we match RAL colors as well as RGB) of the product, the installation mode, the color light and color temperature, the shape and the direction of the light. Everything starts from a straight line to become the amazing lighting designs you have in mind.

Unique Design

Your suspended luminaire, in the shape, color and size you will have imagined

Technical Data

Three standard shapes are offered and endless customization possibilities exist. You can also choose between five suspension systems.

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