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Ardito dedicated LED ultra-thin round adjustable regressed 2-1/2” trim available in performance 1 (14W) with the remodeler housing. Four color temperatures are available, each with a 90+ CRI. This 2-way tilt model adjustable on 30° produces a 15° spot beam, a 24° narrow flood beam, a 36° flood beam, and a 60° wide flood beam, thanks to its top of the line optical reflector. Over 1,000 lumens are delivered by this model, for a performance of 78 lm/W @ 3,000K. The A2RAR model, discreet and elegant, is offered in 8 trim finishes to maximize its integration.
The MIPA2R mud-in-plate has to be ordered separately to install the trims without a flange, for a minimalist and contemporary look. The plates will be delivered quickly to the job site in order to install them in the ceiling prior to the arrival of the trims.
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